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Nerium achieves ISO 27001:2022 certification

Bob Hilgersom

Nerium, a specialist in Managed Defence and Incident Response, recently obtained the ISO 27001 certification. With this certification, Nerium complies with the international standard for information security and the associated processes.

Why ISO 27001?

"Our decision to pursue the ISO 27001 certification is driven, in part, by the demand from our clients. We frequently handle sensitive, personal, corporate, and/or financial data. Clients want assurance that we handle this information professionally and with integrity."

Nerium has achieved the ISO certification under the guidance of NCI Certification: https://nci-certificering.nl/normen/iso-27001/. Thank you for this great collaboration!

Link to the certificate: ISO/IEC 27001:2022

About Nerium

Nerium is a cybersecurity company specialized in monitoring, detecting, and responding to digital attacks. Our experts have years of experience in digitally safeguarding enterprises and recovering from large-scale cyber incidents. Nerium is a 100% independent Dutch company located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

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Bob Hilgersom
Co-Founder / Business Development

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