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Want to secure your Microsoft and Azure?

We monitor your Azure and on-premises environment and intervene as necessary, 24/7

Security in Microsoft and Azure is more than just an Endpoint Detection & Response tool.
Microsoft cybersecurity and Azure security start with hygiene. If the environment's hygiene isn't in order, it's very difficult to effectively perform monitoring and detection. Nerium maps out this hygiene by conducting a Microsoft security scan. Having a highly advanced lock is useless if all the doors and windows are open in a house. Similarly, a camera won't be much help because it's hard to keep track of everyone coming in when everything is wide open.

After conducting a Microsoft security scan of the Microsoft environment, most entry points are identified, and can be closed or secured. Following the scan, effective monitoring and detection can be set up. For Microsoft, we primarily utilize Microsoft security endpoint solutions such as Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, Defender for Office, and so forth. These products are included in the Microsoft E5 license or the Microsoft E5 Security add-on license, but they can also be purchased separately. This works well because it integrates seamlessly with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, and more importantly, because our analysts can leverage their expertise in these products.

Additionally, by utilizing the Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender XDR platforms, we can provide customization, such as honeytokens, which further enhances layered security and significantly increases the likelihood of catching an attacker.
Microsoft & Azure Security through 24/7 monitoring and detection.
In addition to implementing all of Microsoft's features and detections, Nerium also customizes solutions to outsmart attackers.
Defender XDR
The various Defender products collect logs from the various digital layers of the organization, which converge in Microsoft's XDR platform.
Nerium implements custom detections and honeytokens. These security measures are difficult for attackers to predict and contribute to a layered strategy.
Azure Sentinel
Microsoft's SIEM gathers multiple log sources and serves as the central hub for all alert notifications from various (also non-Microsoft) security products.
Nerium correlates logs and builds intelligent automation to swiftly and effectively intervene in the event of an attack.
Additional security products
Microsoft may be good, but it's not always the best solution for every problem.
Nerium also implements non-Microsoft products in situations where Microsoft isn't the best choice. These are seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft security environment, ensuring the customer always gets the most optimal solution for their needs, while all information is still centrally collected on one portal.
Nerium's approach

1. Installation and integration of Microsoft and Azure security products

During onboarding, products like XDR, Sentinel, Defender, and Crowdstrike are installed and integrated for efficient management. Additionally, Nerium provides advice based on the Microsoft security scan regarding configuration changes for a more resilient organization.

2. Automated pipelines

To update, add, and remove custom detections, Nerium utilizes pipelines. Furthermore, documentation is also maintained through this automation.

3. Implementing custom detection/honeytokens along with response processes

Nerium has an extensive set of detections where standard Microsoft products do not detect. Additionally, Nerium also implements Honeytokens.

4. 24/7 intervention when necessary

During an active attack, we can stop the attacker before the data is stolen or encrypted.

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Which security products are included in the Microsoft E5 license or the Microsoft E5 Security add-on license?

The Microsoft E5 license and the E5 Security add-on license include a comprehensive range of security products such as Azure Active Directory Premium P2, the Microsoft Defender suite, Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection, and more. These products enable organizations to establish high-quality security monitoring and detection.

What does Azure security entail?

Azure Security encompasses the use of Microsoft security products such as Azure Protection and customizations such as writing detections, automating alert notifications, and configuring settings to protect organizations from vulnerabilities. This provides a comprehensive approach to securing data, applications, and infrastructure within the Azure ecosystem, utilizing both off-the-shelf solutions and tailored adaptations.

What is Microsoft XDR and what is it used for?

Microsoft XDR, Extended Detection and Response, is an integrated security solution that detects threats and responds to attacks across multiple platforms such as endpoints, email, and cloud applications. XDR consolidates data from various security sources, empowering Nerium with analysis and response capabilities to rapidly respond to threats and mitigate their impact. Additionally, it provides the ability to tailor solutions for Nerium's clients by writing specific detection rules.

Why do I need customization on top of standard Microsoft security products?

Customization on top of standard Microsoft security products provides customizable detection rules and honeytokens tailored specifically to the unique risks and needs of an organization. This enhances security effectiveness by reducing blind spots and providing targeted protection against advanced threats.

Is enabling Microsoft's endpoint security sufficient for securing my environment?

Simply activating Microsoft's endpoint security is not sufficient for robust security. Effective protection requires attention to configuration, customization, whitelisting, automation, and active intervention. This approach strengthens security layers and minimizes the likelihood and impact of cyber threats.