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+31 (0) 800 0699
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+31 (0) 800 8088

Incident Response

Nerium quickly and safely restores your business operations after an attack, such as ransomware or a state-sponsored group.

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Emergency response
Nerium can quickly and safely restore your business operations after an attack, such as ransomware or a state-sponsored group. In case of an incident, our experienced incident responders are available 24/7 to assist you.
Our response process
During incident response, Nerium follows our structured process based on the NIST-800 framework in collaboration with your team.

Together with your team, we will evaluate the situation, establish a crisis structure, and roll out additional tools if necessary.

Detection & Analysis

We map out the attack activity and ensure that any new activity is detected immediately.


Together with your team, we work to limit the damage and provide targeted advice to quickly and safely restore business operations.


We stay in contact with you and your team on a daily basis. We also come up with a plan to prevent recurrence.

What can you expect from us
Collaborating with your team to securely and swiftly restore business operations
Quickly identified the scope of the attack
Developing an improvement plan to prevent recurrence
Experienced and certified
Nerium's incident responders have gained extensive experience on the front lines and have received training and obtained the corresponding certifications. Each responder has at least one or more of the following certificates.
GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA)
GIAC Certified Forensic
Analyst (GCFA)
GIAC Certificied Incident Handling (GCIH)
GIAC Certificied Incident Handling (GCIH)
GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM)
GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware (GREM)
Incident Response Retainer
By signing a retainer agreement, your organization will receive priority response to incidents. Furthermore, clear agreements will be made regarding response times and the provision of services in the event of an incident. This gives your organization the assurance that any incident will be handled quickly and efficiently, that the costs of incident response are predetermined, and that your business operations will be quickly and safely restored.

To prevent incidents from occurring in the first place, we offer additional services at a portion of the retainer cost, in case the retainer is not used. This makes your organization more resilient and reduces the likelihood of an incident occurring.
What can you expect from us
Assurance of support within 1 hour
Procedures and action lists for preparing for a possible incident
Yearly crisis simulation exercise

Want to know more?

Jos Clephas
Co-founder / Incident Response