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Seeking expert assistance during an incident?

We provide assurance through an Incident Response Retainer.

I am looking for an Incident Response partner.
An incident response retainer is a predefined agreement between your organization and Nerium. It provides your organization with guaranteed expert deployment in the event of a cyber attack. This includes 24/7 availability of experts, defined response times, and pre-agreed rates. By entering into a retainer, your organization can be assured of a rapid and effective response to incidents, leveraging the expertise of our specialists to minimize the impact of cyber attacks and ensure business continuity.

In a retainer agreement, we establish clear agreements in advance regarding response times, hourly rates, and confidentiality.

We guarantee a minimum deployment of 1 hour, during which we provide advice on initial steps towards recovery via telephone. Within 3 hours, we commence the investigation or dispatch a team to arrive on-site.

Included hours (in the Silver and Gold packages) can be utilized elsewhere, such as for drafting an incident response plan or providing incident response training.






1 year

1 year

1 year

Guaranteed assistance within an hour




Onboarding workshop




Number of included hours


40 hours

120 hours

Guaranteed expert deployment within 1 hour
Included hours can be utilized  elsewhere.
Reduce the impact of an incident through swift and proficient assistance


What does the onboarding workshop entail?

This is a session of approximately one hour, intended to quickly and effectively initiate a potential incident response process. During this session, we discuss business activities, the structure of the IT environment, how to access the retainer, and the initial steps in the event of an incident.

Do you come on-site or work remotely during an incident?

Both options are possible, and the most suitable option will be decided in consultation with the client.

Is there also an option for a different contract period?

Yes, it's possible to opt for a retainer with monthly termination. There will be an additional cost associated with this.

What if I want to use the included hours elsewhere?

The unused hours can be utilized for other services we provide:
- Incident Response Readiness assessment
- Incident Response plan review or development
- Incident Response training (tabletop)
- Conducting a
Compromise Assessment

Can you help us with an incident response plan/playbook in preparation for an incident?

Yes, in this case we recommend opting for the Silver or Gold package. The included hours can be used to draft an incident response plan that is specific to your organization. If available, we can also review an existing plan/playbook.

Interested in an incident response retainer or do you have any questions?

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