24/7 incident emergency number:
+31 (0) 800 0699
In case of questions:
+31 (0) 8 548 958 57

Nerium monitors, detects, and responds to digital attacks.

Managed Defence & Incident Response

Managed Defence
Our Managed Detection and Response service monitors and responds to digital threats in your environment 24/7. We maintain continuous communication to gain better insights into changes and minimise your risks.
Incident Response
Our Incident Responders have the expertise to assist your organisation in case of an emergency.
Emergency Response

Nerium can swiftly and safely restore your business operations and digital environment following an attack, such as ransomware or a state-sponsored group. In the event of an incident, our experienced incident responders are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you.

Incident Response Retainer

To ensure a guaranteed fast response time, Nerium offers a retainer that provides you with peace of mind during times of an incident. With this retainer, we establish clear agreements concerning rates and speed of support.

Compromise Assessment

We answer the question, "Are there any active or inactive attackers in our digital environment?" through a comprehensive analysis of your systems, log sources, and network traffic.

Nerium performs a hygiene assessment of your digital environment to uncover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We also do this prior to providing our Managed Defence service. This helps identify known and unknown attack paths and provides targeted advice to address them.