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Managed Defence

Getting a grip on your business risks.

Our MDR service combines mature security products and human expertise to detect and stop attack activity in real-time. Our team of experts utilises advanced analytics to recognise abnormal behavior and stays up-to-date with the latest trends in cybersecurity.

Managed Detection and Response
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Nerium's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is focused on proactively detecting, analysing, and responding to threats in your organisation's digital environment. Nerium is capable of quickly detecting and mitigating suspicious activities through our approach, setup, and expertise. This helps your organisation minimise the damage of an incident and improves the security of your environment.
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The essence of our service
Tailored MDR service
Continual development
Transparent service
Detection & Mitigation
Fair ownership

The MDR service is tailored to the vulnerabilities of your organization, the latest attack techniques, and the threat landscape in which your organization operates.

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Our six step installation?
Nerium provides a customised solution that minimises the impact of a digital attack for you. The solution is tailored to the vulnerabilities and threat landscape of your organisation. To set this up, Nerium follows the following six steps.
Hygiëne Check

After the initial inventory of your digital environment, a hygiene check takes place. In this check, Nerium identifies your digital vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The results of this check are used to improve the hygiene of your digital environment and to set up the MDR service.


After the hygiene check, a plan is created for how we will onboard your organisation together with your team. This includes technical measures such as installing agents or collecting log sources. Operational agreements are also made, such as when we are allowed to intervene in the event of an incident, and what the escalation and communication lines are.

Threat modeling & use-cases

After the implementation phase is completed, Nerium will collaborate with your team to conduct a threat modeling exercise. During this exercise, we will identify the risks that are specifically related to your organisation. Subsequently, we will create custom use-cases to monitor these risks.


Testing the technical and operational implementation is important to ensure that your organization is truly protected. This is not a one-time process but something that Nerium will continue to do throughout the entire contract period.

Production & Reports

After the implementation phase, Nerium will monitor your digital environment 24/7 and respond to suspicious behaviour. Additionally, Nerium ensures transparency of its service through live dashboards and monthly reports.

Migration service
Are you currently working with a security provider to monitor your digital environment, but not satisfied with their services or considering switching to another provider? Nerium offers a migration service where we handle everything for you. We also provide the opportunity to test our services so that you can experience our offerings and make an informed decision after the trial period. Contact us to explore the options available for your organization.
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